My name is Amanda, and I'm literally THRILLED that you've found my little corner of the interwebs.

I'm a boymom and a wife, a nurse, and a lifestyle coach...but I'm also a champagne loving girlie girl who loves baked goods and absolutely LIVES for Godiva Truffles.  

I guess you could say I'm all about the balance. 

I've got a potty mouth, I love sarcasm, and I probably drink too much wine.

I started my journey deep in the throws of postpartum depression, when I needed just a shred of light to help me find myself again...



I spent the majority of my life trying to make peace with my body.  

Or...maybe I should say, trying to make my body what I thought it was "supposed" to be.  

I've seen every end of the spectrum...from emotional binge eating (and purging) to going days on end fueled by minimal calories and then burning every single one off through torturous exercise.  

I was an absolute slave to my scale, checking in with it multiple times a day...starting my day hanging on it's balance.

It's answer determined the type of day I would have, how I felt about myself, how I reacted to those I loved, what I ate (or didn't eat) for the day, and how hard I was going to workout.  

For entirely too long I let that number determine so much about me-my self worth, my confidence, my attitude, my inner dialog. 


Until I had my son.

And I was faced with the hardest time I had ever faced.  

I was knocked down hard with postpartum depression, and it didn't LOOK anything like I thought it would look.  None the less....it had me in it's grip, and I felt like a total stranger to myself in every way possible.  

Physically, mentally, socially...I felt like a shell of my former self and I KNEW I had to find a way to change. Every single one of my old coping mechanisms fell flat and I was at total WAR with my body and my mind.  

What started as a journey to find myself turned into the biggest blessing I've ever found.  As I shared my journey, others started asking me to help them, and the more I helped others the better I felt.  It wasn't long before I figured out that this was the passion of my soul, this was my purpose in going through the darkness--helping women break free of those old habits--to find freedom from their scale, find something that makes them feel like a goddess (no matter what the "diet trends" SAY they should be doing), plug into a supportive community to build them up, and build a SOLID foundation for life long SELF LOVE.   

I'm certainly not perfect by any means.  I still slip up and fall off track...but I've found a way to turn my slips into part of the choreography instead of beating myself up and punishing myself for days after.  

I show up.  

Every single day, I show up.  

For ME, for YOU, for this PURPOSE.

Because becoming the best version of myself is my lifelong journey. 

Through social media and private coaching I've made some of the best friends I've ever known (and I know you will, too!)  I've helped hundreds and hundreds of women change their bodies, their mindset, and in turn their lives, so no matter what it is you're looking to change-I'd be absolutely honored to help. 

Whether you're looking to change your body, your inner dialog, or that soul sucking job you hate--it's my passion to help you see you ABSOLUTELY can do just that, and cheer you on the whole way.

If you're ready to leave the baggage behind and build some pretty fantastic habits from the ground up, mind body and soul, I'm you're girl!

I'm all in.  

It's what I do.  


I'm so glad you're here.  

Click the Let's Get Social tab to reach out and say hey.  

All my Love and Light to you...