I have to admit, in my entire life...never did I ever think I would WILLFULLY and PURPOSEFULLY go 60 hours without eating.  

I'm a girl who loves to eat! 

But, when I heard about the hard science behind the KETO REBOOT from Dr. Ryan Lowery and Dr. Jacob Wilson, I was MORE than intrigued...I was ALL IN!  

Fasting has so many amazing benefits for your body, your cells, and your metabolism, but paired with Pruvit's amazing science and optimization-these 60 hours turn into a complete internal overhaul for your system!  



When was the last time your digestive system had a rest and reset?
How would you like to reset your body to become a fat-burning machine?

That’s the focus of the KETO REBOOT! 

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Jumping from diet to diet that never lasts
  • Needing a boost in mental clarity and awareness
  • Ups and downs in hunger and mood
  • Quality of sleep is inconsistent
  • Energy level crashes in the afternoon
  • Stiffness or feeling inflamed throughout the day
  • Constantly relying on simple carbs, sugar, or caffeine for energy

If so, a reboot may be just what you need! 

I GET that it might feel a little intimidating, but I'm going to be right in the trenches with you the entire 60 hours, along with a group of THOUSANDS in our private Facebook Community. 

You're never on your own, and we believe that ACCOUNTABILITY is a HUGE part of this process!  

Every single one of us can use an UPGRADE, and that’s exactly what you’ve signed up for with this Keto Reboot kit!

Whether you want more energy, to get in shape, eat a healthier diet, or simply want to feel better overall, the N8tive Reboot is here to guide you on your Keto Quest for better!!

Our 60 Hour Keto Kleanse will Reboot your system back to its N8tive state! The Keto Reboot and Optimization is designed to keep your fat burning potential at its peak. You will experience the ultimate N8tive experience as you use KETO// OS® MAX, BETTER//BROTH™, KETO//KALM™, and Signal//OS™ throughout the 60 Hour Keto Kleanse.

Here's a peek at what those 60 hours look like. 

I personally LOVED that the clock starts at night! 
The first 8-10 hours you're sleeping!  WINNING!!


EVERYTHING YOU NEED to participate comes in your Keto Reboot Kit 


Whats included in the $79 Reboot kit?


3 x KETO//KALM (2 Caramel Apple, 1 Chocolate)

4 x BETTER//BROTH (2 Keto Thyme, 2 Salted Caramel)

4 x KETO//OS Max Raspberry Lemonade (2 Charged and 2 Caffeine Free)

10 x SIGNAL//OS Capsules

A private community for accountability & support  (Which you can access after your purchase HERE)

More Results!.png

By conquering a 60 hour reboot, you engage your body to use fat as an energy source while gradually shifting into Keto Adaptation.

Remember that this reboot is simply a way to reset your metabolism each month, teaching your body to run on fat for fuel. 

Enjoy the process! 


If you have any questions please send me an email so we can chat through your specific situation!