SHEESH! No Pressure or Anything....

My GOODNESS there's a whole lot of HYPE around starting a blog, huh?  

For the past 4+ years this BLOG thought has been crouching in the corner of my soul, poking its head around every once in awhile to say hello.  And for 4+ years I have toyed with the idea and all the questions that surround it.  

Writing has always been a sort of therapy for my mind.  A way to access things that aren't so readily available-things that just seem to FLOW out of me without thought or prompt.  

But who would read it?  What would they think?  What would I share?  Where would it go?  

All the questions that surrounded writing this VERY POST-

the VERY FIRST POST on a brand new blog-

were heavy. 

I would sit starting at the blinking cursor and let my mind run wild with all the uncertainty and fear...and ultimately I would say to myself "I'll try again tomorrow" 

There are seven days in a week..png

As of right now, I'm not sure what this blog will bring.  

I am an entire UNIVERSE of thoughts and ideas all rolling around inside....

But for today, I choose to share myself with you. 

I choose to share things you may or may not know.  

I choose to share little tid bits that are not necessarily hidden, but that aren't everyday knowledge either. 

My hope is that you learn something you may not know about me, and maybe...just maybe, see the slightest bit of yourself in my eyes.  

5 Random Things You May Not Know About Me 

1.  I grew up in a religious family.  

My grandfather is a baptist pastor in all the stereotypical ways.  He preaches like his life depends on it, complete with fire and brimstone.

  He and my Grandma raised my Mom (and her 4 brothers and sister) in the way "any good GOD FEARING Baptist would" (without playing cards or any sort of secular influence!)

They owned a summer Bible camp and every single summer of my childhood was spent in that wilderness...riding horses, learning Bible verses and sign language.

At home, my family always attended church on Sundays, bible study Wednesday nights, and participated in every potluck I can remember.  Verses and Bible stories are just as much a part of my soul as blood and water-and they come back to me in waves of memories.

When my parents decided to divorce our religious roots were...challenged a bit.  It was the first glimpse of the dichotomy of religion for me, and it made a MASSIVE impact on my heart.  

That religious background, sewn into my soul, has always brought me back to a higher power.  I always felt led, felt angels, felt intuition, felt light inside of me...and those roots have always led me to dig deeper in every spiritual endeavor. 

2.  theater and musicals light me up

I remember the first time my mother sat us all down in front of the TV and declared we were watching The Sound Of Music.  It was a 2 tape rental and that meant it was LONG AF to my little mind.  

Somehow, in that story, I got lost, and it fostered the most incredible feeling inside of me.  

Mary Poppins was on a VHS tape my Grandpa had given us and I watched it so many times I wore it out.  It was a recording from a night it aired on TV and I still remember the McDonalds commercials that came along with it.  She is still my all time favorite character, still one of my most cherished memories, and still lights me up! 

In the 6th grade when we started digesting The Phantom of the Opera I learned every word to every song...I knew ALL the parts, and watched the film over and over and over.  It wasn't until years later that my Dad took me on a super special trip to finally see it LIVE in Toronto and I CRIED at the show because it held such an amazing memory for me.  

I can't sing to save my life.  I can't dance in any sort of way.  But to this day, I will choose going to the movies or to a theater show over any single other thing just about every single time. 

It lights me up, makes me feel alive, and infuses me with JOY. 


3. I have always held jobs in the service of others.

My very first job was at a sub shop that my Dad's friend owned.  I loved the idea of waiting on others and making them happy.  

I stayed in that industry for a really long time....DECADES to be exact...before I decided to move on to massage therapy.  

Massage therapy changed my life in so many ways.  So many people talk about the moment they WOKE and massage school was most certainly that moment for me.  

I had always felt the energy of other people, but for the first time in my life I had other people who could talk to me about it...and give it a name...and tell me I wasn't crazy.  

I met my mentor Lelia, who forever changed the trajectory of my life...and my spiritual journey.  

I practiced massage therapy for 6 years, and I LOVED IT with all of my heart, so I did a lot of it!  I CRAVED that connection with others-making them feel loved, relaxed, getting them out of pain.  I loved helping in any way I could. 

Eventually my body started to give out on me from doing what I loved for hours and hours and hours on end, and I decided NURSING was the next logical step for me to take.

Nursing school was the most challenging thing I had ever been through, and I was SO PROUD to finish!  

Nursing eventually led me to coaching others on how to STAY healthy, instead of treating them when they are sick and I will forever be grateful for that time I got to spend at home with my son while he was a little babe.  

NOW, I'm elated I can do BOTH.  I get to help little people in a pediatrics office AND help others with their health from home.  It's TRULY the best of both worlds for me, for my soul, and for my heart's purpose!   

My heart is full of light that I LONG to share with others.  I know that no matter what the future heart is a servants heart, and I will always be in the service of helping others become the best version of themselves.  


4. I am married to my High School Boyfriend.

My husband and I met when we were 17, in the break room of our local STAPLES store.  His mom was the manager, and I had just been hired.  

We started dating in a frenzy and were inseparable.  

As most young love does, we broke up, and went our separate ways post graduation.  I moved to South Carolina, he went into the Air Force and I didn't hear from him again until 2005.  

We had both married AND divorced other people, and were picking up the pieces of our lives separately.  He was deploying to Iraq and we kept in touch the entire deployment.  

When he returned at Thanksgiving, we were both heading to NY to spend the holiday with our we decided to meet up and say hello. 

AGAIN, we were inseparable, and have been together ever since.  

Our story is far from a Fairy Tale, but it's got a few elements sprinkled here and there.  



5. When I was pregnant I was certain i was having a girl 

The MOMENT I found out I was pregnant I was CERTAIN I was having a girl.  I am most likely THE MOST Girlie Girl you will ever meet in your life and I couldn't see myself as anything BUT a girl mom!  

At our ultrasound when we found out we were having a boy, my husband cheered and I burst into tears.  

I proceeded to cry for 3 days-something I'm super embarrassed about now.

I think looking back, I was PETRIFIED of not knowing how to be a boy mom.  I KNEW all the girl things and knew NOTHING about the boy things.  

I didn't even know gender disappointment was a THING, and I'm so lucky I had a few close momma friends who supported me, told me it was ok, and assured me I wouldn't care in a few more months.  

NOW...I can't imagine being anything BUT a boy mom.  My son, Knox, is literally my heart outside of my body.  He makes me more RAW than I could ever imagine being-in good and bad ways.  

I am so so so thankful that he chose me to be his momma.  


So there you have it!  My very first BLOG (eeek!) and a few little known facts.  

Which one surprised you the most?  I would love to hear in the comments!  

Please make sure you subscribe via email to get all the goods when I post.  I plan on making it a much more regular thing.  

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. 

However we met,

however you happened to be here,

right here, at this very moment...


I thank you.